Do you dream of taking the stage?
Triple Threat! acting, voice, and dance
Fun, family friendly productions
Branson, Detroit, Orlando, St. Louis

Do you dream of taking the stage in a musical production? Miss Kathey’s Academy for the Performing Arts is an intense workshop which combines training in acting, voice, and dance – The Triple Threat! You can enhance your musical talent with professional-level musical performance training culminating in a fun, family friendly production. The year is filled with core classes and a rigorous rehearsal schedule.

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— Mission Statement —

Miss Kathey’s Academy for the Performing Arts is committed to building Godly character in today’s youth through instruction in the arts and producing family friendly entertainment,
all of which exhibit wholesome Christian values.


Musical Theater Choreography/Stage Movement/Dance –

The classes will emphasis the assortment of styles that are seen on Broadway today. Students will learn basic dance moves intended for musical theater from stylistic to different time periods, blocking and staging and how to transition on stage.

Musical Theater Voice –

Students will be taught basic theory, how to read music, correct vocal technique, and to sing and perform with self-confidence and audition techniques.

Drama & Acting –

Students will learn acting techniques, music theater terms, how to work in an ensemble, technical aspects, and improvisation, how to audition and theatrical stage make-up.




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Miss Kathey’s Academy is a subsidiary of Concert Ministries a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt Non-profit organization.
Our programs rely on donations to help us “bridge the gap” between what we earn from ticket sales and class
tuition and the operating costs of what it takes to deliver top-notch educational experience at an affordable rate!

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